Custom Boxes & packaging

Custom Packaging and Design Services

Custom packaging solutions include variables such as:

  • package design or style
  • material
  • special size, dimensions, or thickness of material 
  • special graphics or printing

Custom packaging solutions may require different materials such as corrugated sheets, plastic bags, foam, bubble wrap, stretch film, padded envelopes, synthetic packing peanuts, separators or partitions, and high density, high adhesive reinforced tape.

Various customization's include partitions, eyelets, transparent windows and die cut foam inserts.

However, the need for a custom container design is determined by the product itself, the degree of protection of product integrity, the shipping method, and the destination.

If you need a custom packaging solution, please contact our facility nearest you.

Box Design

Following are the most common corrugated box designs and styles.

Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC) 
Inner and outer flaps are cut to different lengths. Both pairs of flaps meet at the center of the box. 

The style is especially strong because both the top and bottom have double the thickness of corrugated board. The inner flaps with no gap provide a level base for the product. A variation of this box is the Side Special Slotted Container (SSS). All pairs of flaps meet, but not at the center of the box. 

Center Special Overlap Slotted Container (CSO) 
All flaps have the same length (one-half the length of the box). The length of the box can be no more than twice its width. When closed, the inner flaps meet at the center of the box, providing a level base and full top protection. Depending on the ratio of length to width, the outer flaps overlap at random, up to full overlap. 

Center Special Full Overlap Slotted Container (SFF) 
Inner and outer flaps are cut to different lengths. When closed, the inner flaps meet at the center of the box, and outer flaps fully overlap. With three full layers of combined board over the entire top and bottom, this style provides extra cushioning when stacked on its bottom, or extra stacking strength when stacked on its side. 

Die Cut
The use of a die is to cut corrugated or other combined board to a desired custom shape.

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL) - A box made with all flaps the same length (box width). The outer Flaps will come within in one inch of a complete overlap when closed. This box style is very resistant to rough handling. If the box is stacked on its bottom panel the overlapping flaps provides super cushioning. Extra stacking strength is realized when the box is stacked on its side.

Full Telescope Design Container (FTD) - This is a two piece box manufactured from two slotted and scored blanks (trays).

Half Slotted Container (HSC) - A corrugated box manufactured without a set of flaps.

One Piece Folder (OPF) - A single piece of corrugated board is cut to provide a flat bottom and the flaps form the sides and ends and the extensions of the side flaps meet to form the top or the corrugated container.

Overlap Slotted Container (OSC) - Made with all flaps having the same length with the outer flaps overlapping by one inch or more. This box style helps keep the outer flaps from pulling apart when the box's length is much greater that the width.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC) - The RSC is used for most products and is the most common corrugated box style for shipping. A box made with all flaps being the same length and the two outer flaps (usually the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the box's width which allows them to meet at the center of the box when folded.

Side Special Slotted Container (SSS)
A variation of the CSSC. All flaps meet, but not at the center.

Wax Blend Surface Coated - Combined board coated on one or both sides with a hot-melt wax blend, typically applied with a curtain coater.

Wax Cascaded - Melted paraffin wax or wax blend that is poured over vertical box blanks so that the wax cascades down the corrugated flutes and the corrugated board facings.

Wax Dipped - Corrugated Board is impregnated with wax by dipping the corrugated board into a vat of molten paraffin wax or wax blend.

Wax Impregnated - Combined board having one or more components infused with a paraffin-type wax or wax blend.