AGE Industries Offers Complete Packaging Solutions including:

  •  Global Manufacturing and Delivery of Corrugated Products and Supplies
  • Custom Packaging and Design Services
  • Fulfillment, Packaging, and Shipping Services
  • Complete Supply Chain Account Management Services

As a leading Packaging Design and Solutions Provider, AGE Industries offers many services to fulfill our customers' packaging needs and requirements. 

Let us help you with your specific requirements whether it be Custom Packaging and Design, Global Manufacturing and Delivery, or Warehousing and Just In Time Delivery (JIT).

AGE Contract Manufacturing offers comprehensive design and manufacturing services. From boxes to one-of-a-kind containers and displays, AGE can offer you a unique solution for any specific product you may have. Our network of southern USA and Mexico located warehouses can fill your orders quickly at the most competitive prices.


Global Manufacturing and Delivery of Corrugated Products and Supplies

Our network of company-owned facilities in Texas, and Mexico, coupled with our international network of affiliates and manufacturing partners, allow us to serve our customers' varied geographical needs at the most competitive prices.

You may order from AGE Industries and have your products manufactured and delivered anywhere in the world by us or one of our affiliated partners. We will select the best fulfillment site based upon your location, specific packaging needs, shipping costs (FOB), currency exchange rates, and budget requirements.

Custom Packaging and Design Services

Specialists in Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Products

As a custom box manufacturer, we supply everything from custom box packaging, custom plastic packaging, to wholesale shipping supplies, contract packaging services and product package design.

Creative Packaging for Product/Brand Enhancement and Sell Through

Our Color and Design Team provides new and creative packaging ideas including graphic design, color selection, packaging material, and appropriate fonts, to make your product and it's packaging a memorable image in the consumer's mind. Examples of this idea would be Tiffany's blue felt bag or Crown Royal's purple felt bag; both of which assist to cement the brand within the consumer's mind because of packaging design, and continue the brand's image because many people use the bags/packaging for other purposes. The continuity of the packaging design provides a convenience to the user, a remembrance of the brand, and less waste. 

Needs Assessment

AGE begins every corrugated package selection process with a detailed analysis of your particular package requirements. We provide a careful needs assessment to identify the subtle product differences that demand special handling - and provide just the right amount of containment, protection, printing, graphics, and image enhancement for your product.


The AGE Advantage

  • Competitive Pricing and Short Lead Times from a Customer-focused company
  • Supply chain Management that focuses on forming partnerships through the use of Vendor Managed Inventory, JIT, Kanban, Forecasting, and cost structure
  • Product design from our packaging designers that fits packaging to your product, instead of the other way around
  • Local management empowered to make decision backed by corporate muscle
  • One Stop Shopping - Get all your packaging from boxes, pallets, tape, and stretch wrap on one PO, one truck, and one invoice